LurrayLoopI took a ride Saturday morning up through Luray, including Fort Valley Road. One of the hairpin turns on this road is realistically posted at 5 mph. I think it safe to say that the road qualifies as technical when the speed limit is in the single digits.

Fort Valley Road is like this pretty much all the way from Front Royal to Luray. A wonderful drive that would have been even better if huge swaths of the road had not been recently graveled.

Tight right hander into the shade, front tire slipping on unseen gravel, tire catching again and inducing tank slapping front end wobble . . . pulling it out and not having to clean one’s undergarments — priceless.


Highway 211 from Luray to Sperryville – simply brilliant motorcycle road, “high crash area” notwithstanding.


Good to see that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Sperryville, Virginia.