The Kingdom of Mercia has suffered an outbreak of swine flu. 67% of the population were infected, though, thankfully, all have made a speedy recovery and no fatalities are expected.

Queen Cynethryth, President and Chief Scientist of the Mercian Center for Disease Control, acted quickly to dispense Motrin and contain any biological agents by placing a “barf bucket” beside the bed of each infected patient.

Offa Rex, speaking to the Kingdom after making a full recovery, stated, “If you ask me, this swine flu thing is a media created hysteria.  The media wants so badly to have a great catastrophe story, but this really isn’t it.  Yes, it is miserable having swine flu, but it doesn’t seem worse than the many other strains that have passed through our kingdom in the last few years. If anything, the duration seems shorter.”  Offa went on to say that due to its mild and unassuming nature, swine flu will be henceforth known as Piglet Flu.