Whatever your hopes or fears for the Obama administration, Charles Crawford has it right:

For now as a non US citizen I express my humble and hearty gratitude to the USA for showing the world once again how to deal with powerful leaders. Compare what happened yesterday in Washington with the political wreckage in Zimbabwe, Cuba, N Korea, China, most of the Arab world, Russia and so on.

A leader with huge power gracefully accepted that the end of his rule had come and in a solemn yet light-touch ceremony handed over power to a new man, duly elected to replace him. He now in turn has at most some 416 weeks to lead the United States before he steps down.

This is Civilisation. Playing by the rules, and not making sneaky selfish manoeuvres to change them. A fresh start. Which creates the conditions for some positive Change to complement all that Hope.

Thanks again America.

Every evening, the Mercian royal family goes around the dinner table, each expressing something for which he is grateful.  I think tonight I will express my gratitude for the Rule of Law.