Aichmophobia: a morbid fear of sharp or pointed objects.

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before.

So, Stephen Tall walks into a shop and . . .

So I’m buying a new set of cutlery, when the sales assistant tells me there’s a problem: he can’t serve me. Erm, why not, I ask: I’ve brought money with me and everything.

Turns out he’s 17, and so cannot sell a knife to me. Even knives whose power of serration will scarcely trouble poached salmon. He calls over a colleague, who keys in her number to his till, and he then sells me my new set of cutlery.

Thank goodness for the protections afford by that law. Imagine the chaos that might rein if 17 year-olds were freely able to sell cutlery?

He’s old enough to join the army and die for his country, mind.

We’ve talked before about the British aversion to cutlery.  Tell me again how gun control isn’t a slippery slope.

(HT: Adam Smith Institute Blog)