Worldmapper is a wonderful collection of world maps, using equal area cartograms, where territories are re-sized on each map according to a particular variable.  For example, this is a cartogram based on geographic area, pretty similar to the traditional world map with which we are all familiar.


This cartogram is based on population.  Notice that India and China are much larger proportionally, while Canada and Australia are much smaller.  Each country’s size is shown in proportion to its relative percentage of the world population.


Some interesting comparisons can be made, such as net immigration . . .


. . . versus net emigration.


Finally, having three young daughters, I didn’t find the toy imports surprising at all.


Most imports of toys (US$ net) are to the United States, followed by the United Kingdom. Toys are fun but not necessities. Thus toy imports give an indication of disposable incomes.

The lowest imports of toys (US$ net) per person are to territories in Africa and also Tajikistan (in the Middle East).

Interestingly enough, my daughters have some toys imported from Tajikistan, though I’m not sure I consider Tajikistan part of the Middle East.