Senator Grassley (R-Iowa) was on the radio this morning talking about the Senate’s minimum wage bill.  I ground my teeth and prepared to write about how I couldn’t comprehend that someone could become a senator without at least a basic economic understanding.  But, Senator Grassley started to take calls, and things got much better.

On biodiesel:

“Biodiesel can be made from a lot of things . . . .  You can even make it from left over oil from Kentucky Fried Chicken, for example.  Or from dead animals, by squeezing dead animal.”

I have this image of a giant orange press with cows going in one end and biodiesel draining from a spigot at the bottom.  Makes me wonder about BioWillie.  (Actually, I just had to add that because I like saying BioWillie.  It makes me laugh for some reason.)  Soybean oil accounts for about 90% of biodiesel fuel stocks, and Senator Grassley happens to be . . . a soybean farmer.  I know you didn’t see that coming.

On immigration:

“[paraphrasing] I’m not in favor of amnesty.  I voted for amnesty when we did it about twenty years back.  I thought it would take care of the illegal immigration problem.  But, it turns out that when you reward illegal behavior, you get more illegals.”

I guess I was wrong about the economic understanding.  Next, Congress will announce that its $5.58 billion/year appropriation to the National Science Foundation has paid off, and we now know that world is not, in fact, flat.