This map has been making the rounds.  (HT Coyote Blog).  The map equates the GDP of various nations with individual states in the U.S.


The map reminds me of a recent study, EU versus USA, done by Swedish researchers Dr. Fredrik Bergström and Mr. Robert Gidehag.  The study compares GDP per capita of European countries with the GDP per capita of individual U.S. states to see where the European countries would fit in the hierarchy of U.S. states.  The study contains this chart.


It turns out that Sweden, that paragon of Scandinavian socialism would slot in at 46th, right after Alabama and ahead of Oklahoma.  Britain, France, Finland, Germany and Italy would fair a little worse at 47th, between Oklahoma and Arkansas.  With the exception of Luxemburg (a banking sector driven anomaly), the highest EU country would be Ireland at 38th.

The study also compares retail consumption and finds similar results.  82% of U.S. households have a clothes dryer compared to only 18% in Sweden.  I can’t tell you how much my wife loves line drying clothes.